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Jan 20, 2010
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I need new plugs for the 226. What gap size is the right one for this engine?
Are there any brand of plugs that the engine runs best with?
54 pickup,
Champion plugs #841J8C work quite well. Gap em' at .030.

Autolite A-7s are ok, but I think the Champions wear better.

Your distributor points should be gapped at .020. Make sure the contacts are in line with each other. They wear out fairly quick if they're off.

Dwell is 51 degrees (direct coraltion with point gap)

Ignition Timing = 5 degrees BTDC @ 550 rpm.

If your vacuum advance is not working set your timing at 9 degrees @550 rpm. You'll be happier.
I have talked to a guy that used to work for a racing team. He now owns his own garage and specializes in Jeep repair.

He has told me that after hundreds of hours in the dyno room, that he would use Autolite over Champion. He said that the quality control right out of the box, was better. specifically less hairline cracks in the insulating ceramics around the electrode.

I'm not saying Champions are not good. All I'm saying is that if you had a way to test 1000 Champions VS 1000 Autolites right out of the box, you'd have a higher percent of bad Champions. Bad as in the performance might be a tiny percent less efficient. A nit picky thing for sure, but still worth knowing, because that percentage grows over time as the plug gets used.
I do agree with that. I've never been a real fan of Champion plugs, what I know is that champion plugs work best in my chrysler products and my 226. I've tried Autolite, Bosch and AC delcos. They all went to #*#^ fairly quickly.

If I had a ford or chevy; it's delcos or autolites for sure.

Customers choice: Try what you like and monitor as an experiment. You'll be no worse off than you are now. :roll: , but those distributor points are important. Make sure they're right.