Pink Surrey

fred potter

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Dec 31, 2010
close to Denton, Tex
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Hi Gang,We posted some pictures in the Gallery of my wife's 1959 D-J3 rebuilt as a Pink Surrey Jeep.We enjoy driving it, as it runs very good.We have retired and moved to this area. We are close to Denton Texas. We have kept insurance,licence tags and safety stickers on both the Surrey and the 55 wagon but we decided to sell them so someone else can enjoy them.Getting older is not for sissies and we are knocking on the door. It is for sale she wants $10,000. 806 674 9309 Best regards Fred and Arvella
Fred, a man can't question his manly hood driving this one...but I bet the wife had fun! :cheers:
yeah you're right I am old enough that no one questions my manhood,they just say look at that crazy old man and as long as they call me a man it's OK ;) Fred