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Jun 5, 2010
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I'm from Israel and my English not so good but if you want to share a picture of my car that this forum looks very nice poor
Sorry if you do not understand what I write I'm just translating dictionary

Six months ago I bought my Willys. He was in bad shape. We renovated engine. We renovated the brake system. Now I renovate the electrical system. The previous owner cut off the dashboard because the system was 6 volts. I dismantled the dash and found a 12 volt lamps. I hooked up the sliders to 12 volts and they are working but I'm afraid they will destroy what I can tell they are 12 volts

picture of My Willys
Willis Hurricane My car has an engine like the book will be renovated
Again I'm sorry if you do not understand what I write
Your English and writing is fine...and your pick-up has character. Keep working at making it safe to drive. Glad you found us on the Forum.
Welcome to the forum Haim...

When you get a minute, put yourself on the Members Map...

Welcome to the board.
It's a project. Always full of suprises.

Don't worry about your english so much here. We use it as our primary language and still screw it up...... :D