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Sep 26, 2010
Willys Model
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Starting to work on my 56 Stake Body,it was given to me by my neighbor, sat for 40 years.I started it for him in 1985,so he thought I was the only guy left that can get it going again.Kids busted the windows so I got the glass, replaced the back and doors.I need to do the left windsheild but I have some questions.I'm familiar with rope and soap (did the back glass) but do both halfs have to done together? If so how can I get the right side out without breaking it? When I go to install the glass does it go in from the inside or the outside? The rubber seems thicker on the inside so I guess it goes in from the inside, but will the glass fit between the posts? I'm a new member and after reading some of the responses it seems everyone is very helpful.I've been a mech for 42 years so I will try to help out when I can. PS the truck only has 6000 miles, hardly rusted, has the PTO off the xfer case. Has most of the stakes and wood for the body.Does anyone know what the PTO was mostly used for? There are parts missing so I dont know what the hookup is on the back. Unfortunatly the motor is stuck bad but I'm working on it. Thanks.
Rich, Nothing is impossible (yeh right) but you'll be learning some new cuss words If you try to pop out only one side of that windshield. Plus, you'll probably tear the seal if do. Just pop the whole thing and go from there. I've removed and installed three of these, so here's my opinion. If the rubber is good it is easier to pop the assembly out to the outside, only because it's easier for the guy on the inside to manipulate the rubber while pushing. (it's hard to push from the outside without cracking a piece). For installation; you are correct. It has to be fed from the inside. Here's the crummy part though. After you remove the window trim (ie...all the metal pieces) you will have to remove the interior from the front posts if you have any installed. It gets in the way far too much.

You'll probably want that other side out anyway to use as a template for the new piece. The last set I had made (about 2 years ago) cost me under $50 at the local glass shop, so don't let anyone tell you that you have to special order or any silly thing.

I would recomend buying a new rubber seal, but it's your call. They run about $80.

Rope and Soap all the way buddy.
Steve, great info, thanks a million, I'll give it a try. I think I know all the curse words already.
Welcome to the forum 56STK...post some pic's, I would like to see what a 6,000 mile truck looks like. Good Luck!
I would love to see pics of your stake bed. I don't have an original stake bed (or if I do, the bed has been replaced), but that's the look I'm going for. And welcome to the forum.
I just did the windshield on my 51 Willys truck.Like said above you have to strip off all the trim.The local glass shop charged me about 90 bucks for both pieces of glass. The rubber goes on the glass,then installed from the inside.Some masking might be needed to keep the rubber on the glass.Installed from the inside you need to V out the glass in the center towrds you,then get the outside enges in place and carefully push the center into position.Mine required a bit of push to get the center in.Then the rest is the usual wire and soap trick.Of course you installed the wire before getting the glass. into place.
The Willys windshield was more difficult to install than the many 47-53 GM truck windshields I've done.
Thanks to all you guys - I'll get some pix as soon as I can,me and computers dont get along.