Pickup verses wagon axles

I don't have measurements but I can tell you it depends on the axle model. Such as: If a wagon and truck each have a model 44 rear end they are the same measurement. If they each have a model 41...They are the same measurement. Here are some listings I have:
Rear axles for 4WD:
Model 41 = Wagon 4X4 (1949 -1950)
Model 44 = Wagon 4X4 (1950 - 1964)
Delivery 4X4 (1953 - 1964)

Model 53 = Truck 4WD (1952 - 1964)
Timken = Truck (1947 - 1955)

Front axle all 4X4
Model 25
Measuring between the backing plates, the wagon axle is 51", the pickup axle is 57".
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What about the front axle. Are the Dana 25s from the truck and wagon the same width?. Please tell me they are.