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Oct 18, 2009
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First post so... hi all and glad to see there are other crazy Willys Wagon people out there. I'm in NE Idaho between Driggs and Yellowstone. My wagon is a stock 1959 metal flake green with very little rust but lots of chips. I'm looking for some touch-up paint to keep the spots from spreading until I can do a full paint job. Any help?

here's a link to a registry site... it's still listed with the previous owner but not much else has changed. ... iew&id=675

oH Nooooo...
Hey Mr. Bill-

Not too far from you in Hailey... I think I looked at your wagon about a year ago. Was it for sale in Cody? Looks like it is in great shape.

Hey Mr. Bill,
I don't know what it would cost, but give these folks a call. ( I do know they want $36.00 just for a paint chip made up and sent to me, but there paint per gal. seem fair to me for what there willing to do. Oh, Nice wagon. I like it.
That's a great web site.... (autocolorlibrary) I booked marked it so I always have a place to check paint codes and names....thanks!