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Mar 18, 2010
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I know you guys (and gals) are into wagons and trucks, and so am I, but I have a Jeepster. I'm just a convertable guy. I live in Minnesota, so for the 10 minutes every summer that it's nice enough, I like the fresh air and sunshine.

I joined this forum to try and find out where I can get some cool accessories for my Jeepster. I'm looking to take it in parades, so I want all the frills I can find. Flag holders, chrome headlight covers, suicide knobs (knuckle busters), vent window breezies, etc.

I know about the guy on ebay (lost in the 50s), but the guy is wack, and I won't support his thing. Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

I post a picture, But.... you know it's a jeepster.

Welcome to the forum-

Jeepsters are great, go ahead and post a few pics, I'd like to see it.


If you throw dogs in the back it qualifies as a pick 'em up!


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I think jeepsters are cool as well. Wouldn't mind having one, but I can barely support the wagon. :D Paul Barry at Willys America has restored jeepsters and done the same thing. Parades, shows and gatherings and I know i've seen a lot of frills on his. You might give him a try.
Good luck with it.
We are not picky....
Welcome aboard. I am restoring and doing mods to a 69 Jeepster for a customer at my shop right now :D

I'm new to this forum, but can't see any reason Willy's lovers would not love Jeepsters too....unless its one of those ugly Commando things ( just kidding....one of my all time favorite rides was a v-6 Commando).
Welcome aboard...I'll be introducing myself to everyone today. :thumbup:
I cannot speak for everyone but I see this forum as a place for all folks that own a Willys or Jeep product or just have a love for these old things. Using myself as an example: In the early 60's my hunting buddy had a Willys wagon. I bought mine in 26 Dec '09 after a string of Jeeps, and other cars.

So if you want to bring your jeepster to the dance here then please be welcome. Personally I think you need all the welcome you can get. Anyone who lives in MN and drives a convertible has got to be looking for a warm place to get some shelter.

In this same vein: There is a guy over in Texas that makes a good living selling Jeep Wagoneers. He also has Jeepsters and an occasional Willy's. BUT this is ALL he sells and has sold over 1400 in the last 17 years. You might note that these things sell today for about $25 - $35k.

Hey TJ,
Welcome to the forum. It is titled Old Willys Forum. Jeepsters are just that. Far as I am concerned welcome aboard.
Hi, welcome to the forum! A Willys is a Willys is a Willys, no matter whether it's an MB, CJ, truck, wagon or Jeepster. Post some pics up too. New guy buys cigars.