Original fuel tank?


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Feb 21, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
Does anyone have photos of the original tank and mounting brackets?
I suspect mine is not original and I may have to replace it. If the
original setup is not too far off from what I have, I may convert it back.

My tank has the fill neck in the right location, but the sending unit is in the rear
and it has a vent port near the filler neck. I have no idea what is came from.
Sounds like it may be a CJ fuel tank, however the sender units on the majority of those where centered in the top of the tank. What is the diameter of the fill neck and the length sticking out of the tank? That will help a little bit.
I have a Wagon fuel tank sitting in my shed. If I recall, the wagon tanks have the same mounting tabs as the pick ups do. I'll take a picture of it this evening and post it for you, along with some measurements if my brain is engaged.
I forgot I picture of mine in my album of it going back in.....

From what I can tell according to the sender mine is probably original
Here's my '62 Wagon tank and sending unit....I need a bigger tank, any suggestions?[attachment=0:1fhhefn9]Brake Booster 003.jpg[/attachment:1fhhefn9]


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willy's america has a 25 gallon tank with correct sending unit for the wagons and trucks.


you do a late CJ tank and sending unit with a changed out fuel filler neck that also has a vent line

if you want the part #'s from Willy's America let me know and I will shoot a PM to ya Kevin.
Thanks for the pics. My tank is definitely not stock. I haven't taken any pics of mine yet, I will this weekend.
I'll get some dimensions as well and maybe we can figure out what it is.
Does the Willys America 25 gallon tank work on the PUs? I thought I had read somewhere the wagon and the truck used different tanks. Really not sure though.
Wow those look like real fuel tanks from an automobile manufacturer!!! :eek: My tank looks like a square welded up steel box with angle iron for mounting brackets. :lol: I don't think I could get a stronger tank. Might be small but it is tuff.
Someone told me the Trooper or Rodeo (can't remember) 21 gal. tank was a diect fit. I posted it once before on this board early on. Might be worth a search.
There was a thread with that "trooper" note in it, but they could never come up with what years you needed to look for to get the 21 Gallon tank to drop in.
Ok, by researching www.quantaproducts.com I have discovered that
my tank is from a mid 70's Ford pickup.

The PO had fabricated some upper tank straps welded to the last two
X-members and the lowers are from an unknown source.
I believe almost any setup could be used to secure the bottom of the tank.

I also noticed they have a 38 gallon allternative that should mount right up
since the top section is identical to the 19 gallon
one. The lower section is massive and will hang below the bumper
unlike the one they put in.



What I don't know is, did the PO actually remove anything at the rear of the
frame in order to put the 19 gallon tank in?


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