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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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Working on placing the order for the forum stickers, I'm wondering how many of you that want the stickers would be interested in pre-paying to expedite the order? Sort of a "Group Buy"...
The order will take about 4 weeks to receive on my end, and then a couple of days to send them on to you.

Prices are as follows:

1 Sticker: $3
2 Stickers: $5
3 Stickers: $7
5 Stickers: $10

Prices include shipping.

Stickers are 3" diameter high quality screen printed vinyl stickers with UV protection for long term outdoor use.


Forum All-Stars will receive two stickers gratis for their membership support. If you are an All-Star member and would like more than two, you can purchase additional stickers and I will send them all together to save on shipping. If you haven't subscribed to the All-Stars, but were thinking about doing so, your subscription dollars will go directly into the sticker fund.

If the pre-pay deal works for you guys, I will put the paypal button up in the Marketplace thread for the stickers.


Thanks again for supporting the forum,