old and smelly from upstate ny


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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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Hi Everyone
My name is Mike, I have never really been into jeeps but did fall in love with the look of the Willys trucks, found one in the spring of 2007. It looked cool, it had never been really messed with, it was the same vintage as me(1960) and it was running and also it was 12 volts electrical system. I dragged it home. I spent most the next winter putting brakes on it and much needed floors. I found walcks 4wd to be and awesome source of parts. My plan was to just use it to tow my racecar up to the local dirt track. I love the rat rod look so I am trying to keep the patina as it was when i bought it. My biggest complaint about the willys jeep stuff is the price of parts. It seems like the "jeep" name always seems to end meaning more money. I also found a 1965 cj5 plow in the summer of 2009 (to keep the willys pickup company). It was in desperate need of floors ( i did one side so far) and a complete braking system(did only the front so far)...lets see i guess that it for now...hope to learn lots of stuff on here...
It's great to have ya, Welcome from Georgia. I like the overalls and the red Willys p/u, and the fact you mentioned you like to turn left...you could fit right in down here....old and smelly as well!!!!!!!!!!! here's to ya :cheers:
Hello Mike: that's a very nice/original looking pickup - you make a handsome couple! Hope to hear about all the progress on your two vehicles.

Hey Mike,

Welcome from another New York Willys owner.

I'm about an hour south of you near Woodstock. I too am hoping to maintain the original patina on my truck as well. Mine needs some body work to get the doors working the way they should so I don't know if I will be able to keep the original paint or not, but I'd like to.