Not Willys related but wanted to share my excitement.


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Feb 6, 2010
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There is not really a sub forum for non-Willys related posts I just realized. Pete, maybe you could add one. In the mean time, I really wanted to share my excitement over an upcoming acquisition.

13 1/2 years ago, my wife and I drove away from the church as newlyweds in a beautifully restored 1955 MG TF that is owned by family friends. picture of similar car. with Hood.jpg

I just found out, that I now have the opportunity to buy this very car from that family friend as he is aging and needs to downsize a bit. He figures he wants between $12-15 thousand. It was restored by him about 30 years ago but the restore is holding up well. Everything works and it runs very well. Even though I wasn't really looking at buying another car, I just have to have it. My wife and I happened to get the call while sitting in bed with a picture if us in the car right on the wall next to our bed. This family friend has two sons, neither of which want the car. So I have no choice but to buy it. The only problem, is trying to figure out what is fair to pay. I think we are both going to be nervous about setting a price so as not to be insulting. I haven't seen the car since our wedding day, so I don't really know how it is looking, but values of good condition cars seem quite a bit higher than $15,000, but I can't really afford more than that, so that is probably what I'll offer him.

Just had to share. I really do want to collect a few cars and am always looking for unique cars and this fits the bill for sure. Just very exciting opportunity.
Very, very cool.
Hard to put a price on that one. The memories can't be bought with any other TF.

I just hope the 78 Monte Carlo we drove away from the church in has hit the recycler by now!!
I agree that is a part of you and your bride...... You both have the memories and that day to share when you go out in it now.
If you can afford to lay out the cash---Go For It!!! You're not buying a car, you're buying memories for you and your wife of one of the best times in your life.

I still own and drive a 1946 Dodge pickup truck that I bought and street rodded when I was 18 and that's 45 years ago. Just looking at it brings a flood of memories and when I drive it I'm almost 18 again.

I've posted before that my Dad always wanted a Willys wagon but we never had the money to get one. He died in 1968, but now that I have my wagon I'll sometimes be cruising down a back road and silently say, "We got one Dad. Enjoy the ride."

Best of Luck,
Old Willy
Well, after a very snowy and cold experience driving 500 miles round trip, I finally got my newly aquired 1955 TF home and in the garage. Overall condition is good but now it will need quite a bit of tinkering and eventually a repaint. I also confirmed that it is indeed a 1250 car (as opposed to 1500 which means something to those who know MGs). Original color was black I think. Current paint was a DIY restoration from about thirty years ago which is showing many signs of it's age; spider cracks and fading. Interior was also redone then in the green which is clearly not original but is in decent shape so i will likely not change it anytime too soon. No rust anywhere on the car though and it is pretty much complete minus a fwew small finishing details. Here are a couple of pictures.

I have a lot to learn about this car. After the experience of restoring my Willys (which has been positive, but time consuming and expensive), I think I will just plan on cleaning it up for now and making sure it is running and driving safely and reliably then enjoy it for years to come.


For more pictures, click here,
MGs are neat cars. I almost got one but made it to the guy's house about 1/2 hr too late. Turns out the motor had sawdust in it quieting some very serious bearing noise. Guess I lucked out there.
With the green interior, you could go with some variation of British Racing Green that might compliment the interior and get back to what it is supposed to look like.
So how much did you have to spend?
I paid him $15000. It was a bit more than I should have been spending on another car that I definitely don't need right now, but the sentimental value made it worth it. I think the price is right about in line with market value so I definitely am not in the hole on the investment. Runs good and looks decent and I will tinker with a few things to get it a little better and then just drive it. Loving it so far.