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Dec 7, 2009
Willys Model
Willys Year:
Hello everyone, My name is Wes and I have a 62 Wagon. It came disassembled for the most part in boxes. I can see I am already missing some parts but if it was easy it wouldn't be fun. Most of the front end bodywork has already been done. This is my first wagon, I,ve had a couple cjs before but this is going to be a much bigger project. I want it to be a daily driver in the end. Just got a set of newer axles from a 08 jk with all around disk brakes and a set of yj springs. My next step is to box the frame. I have a 327 and am looking for a th700 with a np241. This is going to be a LONG budget build but I think this forum is going to help out alot. Any tips will be appriciated
Thanks Wes
Welcome Wes-

Looking forward to progress reports on your wagon...

The '62's are coming out of retirement....good luck! and Keep at it.