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Dec 29, 2010
Quantico Virginia
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It's great to be a part of such a unique culture. Bought my first Willys Wagon a couple of months ago here in Northern Virginia. 1958, L6-226 4x4. It's in relatively great shape, and most importantly starts/runs. It does need some carburetor work, but nothing major spotted yet.

The previous owner deceided she wanted it to look like a Woody, and had someone put some sort of plastic-like material over the back of it. In the pic I'm attaching it looks good, but I plan on taking it off. The paint underneath is still in great shape, no rust nor bubbles anywhere on this beast.

Whomever converter the electrical system over, did so with black elctrical tape and absolutely no terminal connectors whatsoever. That's next on the project list.

I'm very excited to get her up and running perfectly, and intend on restoring back to original as possible.

Looking forward to talking with all of you. I'll have a ton of questions as I dive into this...



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Hey Jeff

Welcome from upstate NY. That is one beautiful Willys Wagon. I know they all look good in pictures but it looks cherry from this end of things. Looks like someone has taken care of it too. That is a wondeful thing for sure. Welcome to wonderful and wacky world of Willys Wagons and Trucks too. :cheers:
Your wagon does look good indeed. It a actually looks very unique with the faux wood treatment in the back. Sounds like you don't have far to go to make her perfect. Good luck and welcome to the forum. I have another running post on here about purchase price. If you care to share, we'd be curious to know how much that beauty set you back.
Welcome to the forum.
Great looking find!!!!

Good luck with the project as it moves forward and you discover the wonders.

Welcome to the forum Jeff. Nice wagon. I remember seeing it for sale on the web, was it eBay or ewillys?

Jeff, that's one good looking wagon. Thrilled to hear it's not gonna end up being a Chevy, too. I'm with you on removing the appique', but I have to wonder if it might be worth it to try and cut out the insert portions just for a gee whiz / partial "woody" look. It would take a real steady hand, so I could never do it. :) Is it a two bbl or one bbl carb?
Hello Jeff from Vancouver, Canada... hope you enjoy this excellent forum and become an active member!

Your new wagon looks very interesting - the woody look seems very good in the photo. Give yourself time to get used to the look - you might end up keeping it.

Steve- It's a 1 bbl, Carter YF. Nothing too difficult, I hope. Spent my life as an Avionicsman (recently retired from the Marine Corps) and will now learn the ins/outs of older cars/systems. Getting my 14 year old involved as well. Should be a great experience.
Interesting. ;) I retired from the AF in 2007 after 26 years as a Jet Engine clown. :) I've been playing the Willys game since 1982 and have always enjoyed it.

I ask about the carb because, mine is a 2 bbl. Paul, at Willys America, doesn't care for them much, but he likes the 1 bbl set up. Anyway, have fun with it. :cheers:
Errrr... Welcome to the forum Devildog. Winger huh... All good, I was Comm.

I'd be close to retirement if i had stayed on AD. Now i am working my way through the reserves to get my retirement points.

Hollywood or The Island?
I say son....good find! Welcome from Georgia...and thank you for your service as well. I think it would be super if we could get about 50 wagons together for a convoy...that would turn some heads. Stay Safe and Enjoy.