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Tedz Willy

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Jan 19, 2010
Cleveland, Ohio
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Hi there. My name is Ted. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I love old cars and trucks. I have a 1970 Mercury Cougar Conv. that my son and I tore down and rebuilt. It has a 351C and we are very proud of her.
We were looking for something new and found a '55 Willys 2wd truck down in Cinn. Needs a lot of work but we are excited and ready to go with the rebuild! We are planning on putting in an AMC 258 I6 from a '73 Hornet. Installing a T4 tranny w/ a Dana 300 transfer case from a '83 Jeep. Glad we found this forum and looking forward to having some fun!
Welcome to the forum Ted, enjoy!

Hello Ted - welcome aboard to you and your son! One point you might want to consider... how long is the inline six you are thinking about? There has been quite some discussion in the world of Willys forums about enough space for Chev and Ford engines. With the V8s, the question is usually about side clearance from the front diff or with the front drive shaft and the exhaust manifold or driver's side vs brake boosters or steering gear. In the cases of long straight sixes, perhaps like your AMC 258 unit, it's always about clearance front and back.


Thanks for all the welcomes. Yes we have already measured and trial-fit the block and tranny. The cab and firewall will have to be cut and remodified at the hump, but we see no other problems. Found a crossmember from AMC for engine mount. We are actually leaving the 2wd but just adding the transfer for future modifications as the funds come available. Just going to stay with I-beam front and changing all brakes and fittings. Anyone else in the forum close to Cleveland, Ohio?