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Jun 20, 2010
North Idaho
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Bit the bullet today and bought a plasma cutter to cut out the floors and wheel wells on the wagon. Now I have to wait for the mail man to bring it from California to Idaho. :)
wow! very nice. Did ya get the little guy or the large industrial set up?? I wish, I wish, I wish. :)
Re: New toy and a thought too...

I just had a brain fart again. So once you get all the rusty old floors cut (with your new toy)out....maybe go measure up an see if an old (pre '93)) S10 pickup box would work for a replacement for the rear floors in your old Willys wagon??...I have an old S10 box here but no wagon to compare it to. They do appear to be similar. I was just thinking about an affordable was to replace / repair the inside of an old willys wagon. Just my 2 cents thats all.
New cutter is an ESAB powercut 650. Will cut up to 5/8" so body metal should be easy. Was looking at Lincoln to match my welders, but the ESAB is a way better value for the money.

Once I get the floor cut out I plan to use a spare hood I have to make patch panels. I need to replace both under foot panels. Rear of wagon floor is great shape. Looks like there is plenty of material in the hood before where the damage is to make both floor panels. Bought a partial sheet of 18 gauge sheet from a local fab shop to make patches for the rear wheel wells.

Now I just have to wait impatiently for it to get here and test it out. Have a Hypertherm plasma cutter at work, but hard to haul a wagon body in to work discreetly. It may have been cheaper to buy a bigger lunchbox! :lol:

Doesn't show all the damage. More harm was done by the riveted on patches that trapped moisture and made the parts not rusted through very thin. Kinda small as it is a gallery image.
cnsay said:
Kinda small as it is a gallery image.

Hey Chris-

Instead of using the img bbcode, you can use the album or galleryimage bbcodes and insert the gallery image number between the tags for a larger or clickable image like this...


Good to know, I tried to use the gallery image one, but could not see any difference in the preview, didn't think to try passing the mouse over the image. So then I went back to the IMG code.