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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi All,
I'm in. New to this site and it looks great. Had a 1959 wagon (Betty) since 1975 and she's still going. I also added a 1960 (Big Red) last year. I've owned just about verything from a 1943 GPW to a 2005 Grand Cherrokee but the wagon is the only one that's been a keeper. Looking forward to reading about and seeing more of these great wagons and trucks. Tom
Welcome to the board.....

Kudos to you Pete......

When you can get some pics up...... they always keep it more interesting....
M-Tom, great looking wagons! The red one caught my eye, she's a real beauty, great looking tires (7.50 r16?) and 2 extra front headlights!!! Btw, the winter scenery adds up to the whole beauty of immortal willys vehicles :thumbup:
Greetings from Serbia!
Thanks for all the great welcomes..... Lot's questions about my Willys's.
The black/green is a 59 which I' bought in 75' for $200. If you look close you'll see the rear fenders are round and the tail lights are on the gate. From the windshield back is from a 2WD 47'. I used it to replace the cancer ridden body. A cut mid way betwwen top and bottom of the windshield on the A post and around the 4X4 transmision hump and the 47 body bolted right on to the 59 frame. The 59' has been through some rough times but has never let me down. She's all original Willys except for an alternator conversion I put on last year when the generator finally gave up. It has the Warn OD which I feel is must have on these wagons.

The Red 60' is a purchase from Washington State last year. A real jewell! All original except for the off road lights. The factory PTO winch is something I've always wanted. It has the Warn overdrive which required the 4" extention with the PTO. I still need to replace the headliner and recover the seats but she's runs and drives great. The big difference with Big red are the delviery doors??? It has a wagon VIN and it does not have the Traveller flatened fender wells. It was restored about 25 years ago, as I was told, but I don't know it the doors were donors from a delivery. If they were added, the person that installed them did an expert job. The interior panels match the original door panels and the original green paint of the body is the same on the rear doors. I plan to make a closer inspection to see if I can find signs that they were added later in life.

The pictures are from the Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota. The Willys seem to take well to the cold and snow. I've cranked them up after a few days of sitting as cold as -26 degrees and they always start after one or two pulls on the choke.

Be sure and post some pics, I'd sure like to see them

Welcome to the forum, new guy buys cigars.