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Bigger Hammer
Mar 28, 2010
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1959

I know that Nena and Don are here I wonder who else from Arizona or Willys Tech I might reconize.

I had wanted a Willys Wagon with big tires and V-8 for years since I had seen one for sale in San Diego on the way to a softball tournament when I was not yet old enough to drink.

More years ago than I want to count I was looking for a Willys Wagon when I found a 53 Pickup on the internet. I was in Phoenix, it was in a suburb of L.A. Bought a one way ticket, guy met me at the airport. bought it. Proceeded to drive to Phoenix. 4 fuel filters and two tow trucks later I was home with a 53 Willys Pickup that was stock except for 32 inch tires and a 350 SBC. It has had a few changes since then as you can see by my signature. It will have more. Needs A/C, roll cage, and seats I can put 5 point harnesses in. It's purpose is to be as strong an off road machine as possible while being able to go down the highway at 85 MPH. Photos in gallary on on 33 inch T/A tires, now has 35inch mudders, need new picks. Depending on if I go to 37 inch tires may or may not add an overdrive. It needs air conditioning but that would cost more than the 4 speed Atlas I would like to have ($3000).

Less than a year ago started seriously looking for a Wagon again. Had always kept my ears and eys and internet searches open but never found one I could afford.

Then I went and looked at a 59 Wagon. 302 out of a 78 Mustang, C6 automatic transmission with drag race shifter, Ford 8.8 rear, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, electric window wipers, power windows, high back front split bench seat, carpet with matching headliner, and so on. Owner was in Texas. Had moved there for work and needed money to move his family from Phoenix to Texas. Add for 5000 came down to 4000, I offered $3800 and we had a deal. This is now my daily driver that will be modified inside for SCUBA beach diving/camping.

So I have a couple of modified hot rod Willys, but I can enjoy and respect the original or restored ones as well.

Let me know if there is a spell checker on here???
Welcome to the Forum Thomas, happy to have you.

Welcome! I plan on using mine for the beach as well, just cruising along and going surfing. I still have a ways to go, not even on the road yet. I look forward to seeing yours.

Looking good there mate.
Need some bigger pictures though as they are showing up tiny for some reason?