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scotty t

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Oct 5, 2009
valparaiso indiana
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i haven't been able to work on the wagon but i've been wheeling and dealing for parts. i just got a scoutII rolling frame with front and rear dana 44's and the steering box. the front has disc brakes! i bought the Willys America catalog/tech manual and he says the scout axles are what i need. i've also got a turbo 400 with a np 205 t-case coming soon. the parts pile is coming together nicely! the scout frame was only $200 and the trans and t-case were only $150. i ordered motor mounts from transdapt for a small block chevy. the project is changing from my original plan of using the stock axles and t-case with a chey v6 and a muncie 4spd!! if i could just find a nice lower tail gate i'd real happy! been learning a lot from this site and pirate 4x4 so when it comes time to assemble i think i'll have a well planed wagon. :D