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Oct 15, 2009
Elyria, Ohio
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Hello from Ohio, I like the forum because there really arn't many around that I know of for wagons and trucks. I have a 54 truck I'm redoing and looking for a wagon. Hope to find out a lot of info and try to pass some on.


Here is a picture of it as it sets right now.

brownrc said:
...I have a 54 truck I'm redoing...

Welcome Randy... glad you found the site. I think you might be the first Truck member here too-

If not the first, he can be second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth.........keep 'em com'in ! I believe I saw another truck from Calif. registered.....but who cares.....He's EAST of the Mississippi.....don't forget to flag your location on the membership map!
CLARIFICATION: I'm not trying to start a war here between the west and the east, we already tried that with the north....I read where the forum administrator Pete, because he lives in the west....believes there are more Willys in the west....I don't believe it and I'm trying to prove him please map your location....I hate to loose again... :|
Funny seeing you two Jeeps side by side as I have been doing research into marrying the two same models together!