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Mar 13, 2010
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Hello all,

Just purchased a mostly restored 1960 truck. All stock except for the bed which is a very well done wooden slat setup. It looks amazing and I need to post pics soon. Gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes.

When I locked front axle in for first time , when its under load it makes ugly clacking noise. Just cruising down a dirt or snow road it seems fine. The seller did tell me that a tooth is missing on a ring or spider gear , cant really remember. Anyway Im having fixed by my mechanics and just wondering if I just pop for full front axle rebuild while Im at it. The full rebuild axle parts kit from Kaiser is $500.00 though. Im OK spending the money to do things right but dont wont to just throw money at if I dont need to. I beleive the truck has 50 k original on it. At least that is what the original ODO says. A new one was installed during resto and reads 500 miles. Im also thinking of replacing lock-out hubs. The ones on it now are like Ive never seen and have seen better days. Each hub has two nickel shaped/ sized cylinders with arrows that need to be turned with a screw driver so both arrows are pointed in towards center of hub to be "locked in? Made by Cutles MFG. Co. in Lyons Ill. Anyone know anything about these? New hubs from Kaiser are $144.00

To my knowledge the motor and drive line is all stock and probably has NOT been rebuilt. Leaks oil like sieve too. Seller said he had replaced all the seals but geez. Sure couldn't tell it by the puddles its leaving. Other need to fix items. Gas or temp gauge does not work even though speedo cluster has just been replaced. Gas tank (original) leaks when full. Door handles suck and need some serious adjustment. Other than that she runs great and drives straight down the road. Any thoughts or wisdom on the items above would be much appreciated. :cheers:
Welcome to the forum Brian. Looking forward to the pictures...

Welcome Brian

I had a set of hubs like you describe and they worked fine, they were a bit of a pain as you need a tool of some kind to lock in or out and IF you only got one side locked in they can then break....once I took them apart and cleaned them up and re greased them they were much easier to use. I also like the hubs with two levers per hub, once again you need to be sure to have both levers on both hubs locked in. :thumbup: