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Jan 7, 2010
Thatcher, Idaho
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Have been a Jeep guy all my life. Learned to drive in a cj2a back in 1952 and have taught all my kids in the same Jeep. Thanks for the low range feature when getting acquainted with the clutch. Over the years I have built several cj's and 2 utility wagons. With the completion of my last project, I swore " never again." Am getting weak and want to do another wagon. My first wagon was a 56 that ended up with a 340 Buick and a Muncie wide ratio 4 speed. It played in the dunes all along the Pacific Coast and made it to Texas and Canada before going home to Idaho. My second was a 62 wagon. This one got a 350 Buick, a turbo 400 auto. trans. with a Dana 20 transfer case. Both wagons were taken down to the frame and put back together with meticulous detail and many other mods. that can't be covered in this limited space. Will post some pics. later.
I want to find a late model chasis that will accept the Willys Wagon body. Don't want to deal with motor swaps, suspension issues etc. etc. etc. as I'm sure many of you can appreciate. I'm sure given the best case sanario, the fit-up issues may be worse. If anyone out there has been down this road, please help. I would like something, 2000 or newer.
Look forward to some good dialog. Potatosteve
Welcome in Steve,great bunch of Willys people here,sounds like you have plenty you contribute with your experiences in improving these trucks.I did the frame and running gear swap,I think next time I would probably beef up Willys frame and use a donor truck for all the components,there are several fine examples in the forum.Look forward to seeing your next project.....Jim
Welcome! I can't help with your question but I look forward to seeing the progress....

take care

Welcome to the forum PotatoSteve- happy to see another Idaho guy show up... Looking forward to pics of your past Willys projects.

Welcome! I can't even find my truck under all the snow right now, looking forward to seeing your projects. I would maybe suggest looking into the Jeep Commander as a possible donor?