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Nov 1, 2009
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  1. Wagon
  2. Forward Control
Willys Year:
  1. 1953
  2. 1959
Hi! I just recently got a member of this forum. Very nice to find others with the same interest! I own a 1953 Wagon that was originally used as a staff car in the Norwegian Army and later being a service car for bus transport company. I brought it it back in 1980 in a bad shape, I guess the poor Wagon had towed too many buses at that stage :lol: . The Willys has been modified in several stages by me. Now it is sporting a Chev 350/TH 350 combo, Hydraboost/dish brakes and servo steering. The axles are still the originals, however the weak Dana 25 front have been modified with PowrLoc and Dana 27 outers and are still in a good shape. I have limited the tyre size to 31", which might help the Dana 25 to survive. Next step might be to change the axles to more heavy stuff like Dana 44 in both ends. The 1:5,38 gearing is a definitive factor here as the V8 is running at too high revs at highway speed. I have already a Warn overdrive installed, but a lower gearing in the region of 1:3,5 might be better for the mill. For those who does not know about Norway, it is a small country in Scandinavia. We have 4 seasons and normally snow during the winter time. The autumn and spring can be rainy. So, driving the Wagon (and my other Jeep) is normally kept for the summer season with occational trips on clear days during spring and autumn.
Hello Overland. It is great to hear from European Willys enthusiasts! I am surprised that you have a 350 in your Willys - especially considering the cost of petrol in Europe. How much are you paying these days? We pay about $1 Canadian per liter (that's about $.93 US). I have the 4.27 differential ratio and can drive at 55mph (about 90kph) comfortably.


Great to get in contact! The cost for premium gas is approx. USD 2 per liter here in Norway. So it is a priority, sipping beer or driving 350, I prefer the latter! Yes, 4,27 which is available for the old axles, it is something to consider. Do you use our Willys year around?
Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia....price of regular gas here is $2.49/gallon(US), by Christmas time it will be closer to $3.00...lets see beer or gas??? tick, tick, tick.......Willys wins...every-time you put gas in the tank is like buying your ticket on an amusement park ride....
Welcome Overland...

You are the first overseas member to the forum...

You should be able to put yourself on the member's map. The map starts in the states by default, but you can click "view all" in the upper left corner of the map to show the entire planet.

Great looking Wagon you have too... must not be too many of them in your neck of the woods?

Thanx Pete!

Now I am on the map too! There might be a few more overseas members in the future, at least from Norway. A Jeep Club Norway member gave a hint about this forum on the club's site, and I am not the only one with such a car in the club....

I earlier managed the Willys Utility Register here in Norway, and still do, but the activity level is low right now. I had an overview of approx. 100 Trucks and Wagons including the Delivery version and a handfull FCs. The total number in Norway might have been the double of that, say 200 cars. Due to the humid climate, the large Willys tends to rot away, so the number of cars left are decreasing every year. By this, there are some donor cars for parts, but fewer and fewer with license plates on.

A good 50 cars have been modified when new here in Norway and used as fire trucks, quite a high number of them are still left as they have been stored indoors. Some have less than 20 000 kilometers on the odometer and are in exelent shape today (exept for the local modifications like damaged front to allow for a fire pump etc)
hello new member in Norway, it is nice to see you here on the willys site. i would love to stay in touch with you and your club members. take care. thanks, george the jeep