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Dec 19, 2009
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Hello from Edmonton:
Just stumbled upon your forum as I was looking for info on Willys wagons
I just picked up a 1955 wagon utility and a 1980 w200 with a 360 which I plan to use as a donor for power train swap. I also own a 1959 FC150. Look forward to seeing what other Willys owners are doing to upgrade/restore their rigs.
You are way up there son, glad you found us and congratulations on your new ride. In fact you might be our first Utility Wagon...I don't remember hearing about any some pictures. I do believe we also have other members from up in your area, perhaps you can meet up with them.
Hello Schelly - welcome aboard. It's great to see another northern guy in the Forum. Don't forget to put yourself "on the map".
Welcome, nice to have another Albertan on board. I am just down the road, well five or six hours that is.