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Feb 19, 2011
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Hi, names Bill, Im from central Il. I have a number of CJ 5's and 7's, 1979 to 1984. A YJ and the wifes WK2. the reason Im here is a 1957 jeep pickup I just bought. Don't have any pictures yet, but I will. Its not exactly in pristine condition (paid $400 for it). The plan is to bring it back. Its also not stock either. It has a chevy 283 from the late 50's, a SM420 mated to a dana18 (as near as i can tell on the tc, with a adapter),stock axles, no door glass, factory seats,electric fuel pump, and a gas tank in the bed. I don't think its ran since 1992/96. serial # 5526834880.
What is says on both doors.

K. J. Frietag
Ft. Madison, Ia.
E.W. 4300


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$400 doesn't sound too bad if it is mostly complete and close to running. Of course, we need to see those pictures. Sounds like you have a pretty good representation of the jeep family history in your driveway. Nice.

You say it has writing on the doors? Probably old and faded? Love that patina of old paint and lettering. Would be neat if you could use that lettering to figure out some history of the vehicle. All these old wagons and trucks have had such interesting lives, we just need to coax their stories out gently.

Welcome to this site, we are always happy to drag another victim into our Willys fanatacism. Good people here with lots of great insight and experience to share. One of the rare "no flaming" forums (hopefully it stays this way).
Welcome to the forums, hope to see the pics soon. Enjoy your newest project.
Glad to have you here...I believe most of here just enjoy saving these unique vehicles, both the purist and the people who modify them. The price of admission ($400) unfortionatley is only the beginning, but it's a great price... For me it's a labor of love...I can't wait to have mine on the road, but at the same time enjoy working on it.
There are many of us here that don't have ego's and accept the one's that might...we all have one interest and that is the enjoyment of breathing new life into a Willys. Oh, and by the way we are all "new guys and gal's" dispite our ages.
Letters on the doors is special...It means it was a very important truck for somebody...enjoy!
Did someone say "EGO?"
Hell, my ego is spread out all over the garage floor, getting stepped on. :lol:
Welcome to the clubhouse lucdog.
Some pictures of the willys. Bill


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Looks like a good start, looks like the front shackles and frame rails have been modified over the years.
I believe the shackles were done to support a plow (Im guessing there is about 7 degrees of caster, to the front). There is evidence of one. As soon as I got it home, I cut the front bumper(s) off. They looked like they were off of a bus and were double stacked. The rear bumper/hitch is all made out of .375 angle,( I cut part of that off as well)

Man, that truck looks like it was built to work. That would be a cool story to hear. Have you googled the name to see if you can find any history?
Hey Bill can you put a price on that patina??..If that old truck could talk. I am rusty old rat rodder /Willys Jeep nut. I love that door art. My wife has asked when I am gonna paint our old can you paint over history..mine is a 50 year old truck...shouldn't old trucks look old???..get it running and fix it as you go along...tall skinny tires with old steel wheels would look really cool too..maybe lose the "lift kit" on the shackles....that is one cool looking truck.
congrats on the purchase :thumbupleft: