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fred potter

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Dec 31, 2010
close to Denton, Tex
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Hi My name is Fred. I only have three Jeeps left.I have owned several in the past and rebuilt several jeeps as well as some older cars and a couple a tractors. I currently own a 55 WillysWagon and a 59 DJ3 finished out as a Surrey Jeep( the pink one) and a 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited with 174,000 miles on it.The Wagon and the Surrey both look and run like new ones.They have new paint,new upholstery,new tires brakes 12 volt electrical systems,etc. We are very proud of all our Jeeps Best regards Fred
Welcome Fred... Post some pics when you get a minute.

Well Fred, your in the right place. We all suffer from Jeep fever here. Looking forward to some pics of all your jeep family vehicles. Welcome.
The sickness continues across the nation, wagons and pick-ups being resurected from the ground they have been resting for years. Awake I say...awake...breath new life. I can't wait for the weather around here to warm up so I can continue my quest. Welcome to the "Willy's Nut House" where I blame Pete for encouraging us to move safely forward.