New gas tank pick up tube


Knuckle Buster
Jul 8, 2015
New England
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1957
Hey everyone I've got a 57 wagon with an older stock Chevy 283 in it. The only mod is a small Holley 600 4 barrel and I've also got a Holley lower pressure mechanical fuel pump. The wagon has 5/16 fuel line run to the tank all the way from the carb. I've recently picked up a new poly tank and noticed the barbed fitting is only a 1/4 inch. I've pulled it out and the tube gets bigger in the tank. The 90 barbed fitting is my only choke point. Has anybody had a similar setup in their truck? Could this create a fuel starvation issue or should I just try and make a larger 5/16 barbed fitting and pick up tube. Thanks for any feedback!