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Apr 18, 2010
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Hi everyone, my name is Jon and I joined to start the research on a 54 truck build I'm starting soon. I build alot of jeeps in the area and an older gentleman contacted me the other day and wants me to redo his 54 willie's truck. He can't drive it anymore because of the manual steering and standard transmission, Gonna need some help on this one guy's cause I don't know diddly about these trucks. I'm thinking 258 six, 727 and wrangler axles and springs. Brakes and steering box looks like it's gonna be fun.
Welcome to the board. You are probably gonna find all the info you need and then some. Just do a few searches and you'll come up with all sorts of ideas.

Even if the truck isn't yours lets see some pics of the progress and challenges you have.

Eric B
Welcome aboard Jon :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Lots of great folks and information here........
Everyone loves the photos :thumbup:
Welcome, and I'm glad that you're keeping it pure with the Jeep hardware. The AMC I6 is a long motor, but I've seen wagons and pickups with the GM I6 in them, so you can probably make it work. Worst case you may have to go with an electric fan on the radiator if you don't have enough clearance for the mechanical fan. The TF727 is a great and reliable transmission. That part would probably be easy, you'd just have to move or make a new transmission mount for it.

If you swap axles you'll have those brakes, and there are kits to fit a dual chamber master cylinder on our frame, or even a MC with power brakes. The Saginaw steering box is a fairly popular swap, you just need to fab the bracketry for the frame.