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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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Got ambitious this weekend and decided 'Ol Nelson needed some new interior panels, as what was remaining was water stained/buckled/rotted. Here's a pic of the "better" door panel


So, having seen on Ebay complete sets of panels pre-made, for about $100 I thought, "Why can't I do this? It can't be too hard, can it?" Truth be told, it's not. I went to my local Home Depot, bought a 4' x 8' sheet of 1/8" tempored hardboard, had the aisle attendent make two verticle cuts of 27 3/4" and I was in business. Each 27 3/4" section will provide material for one door panel and one middle section panel, with the remaining section having enough for the two rear panels. All for the princely sum of $7.93, and a couple of hours of "sweat equity". I also had purchased a bag of 100 stainless finish washers and a box of stainless #10 x 3/4" screws for about $20. I'll eventually either paint or upholster the panels, but for right now it's a much needed improvement. The only tools I used were a jig saw, my drill press, a sanding block with some coarse paper, and some Forstner bits for making the holes

Wallah!! new door panels



I've got one center panel left to make, and I'll give a play-by-play for the Week-End update section


Good job, Lee. You could go into business making those. I guess a Forstner bit is the one with different steps?
Nicely done and an improvement for your Willys....are you taking orders?
Thanks for the compliments, guys. The posting isn't for soliciting a product or to be in competition with the gent over at Ebay. I just wanted to show how easy it is to make theses panels and that anyone can do it for just a few bucks

Mike, a Forstner bit is used by wood craftsmen (of which I'm not !!) for making nice clean holes in wood. I happened upon them during my Pinewood derby racing days. They should not be confused with a "step drill". Here is what they look like