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Jan 2, 2011
Forked River, NJ
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Hello all,

My name is Devin and I recently purchased what is titled as a 53 Willy's Pickup. It has a 226 Super Hurricane that I have stripped down and is at the machine shop getting cleaned, measured and turned. I have the original T-90 floor shift three speed mated to the dana 18. I am going to do my best to restore the truck to original condition. I will keep the Super Hurricane even though it wasn't offered in 53 as original equipment. I will upload some pictures after I get them off the work computer and transfer them to the home PC.

I could use a little help with the serial number, I know this has been mentioned many times in the forum and I have read all of the posts. My title says the truck is a 53, but the identification number listed is 1T286 91. The original data plate on the firewall is long gone and I have inspected the frame very closely front to back looking for a stamping in the frame with no luck. I have looked at the serial number charts listed in my parts book and the ones that have been posted as links here in the forum, the part that really throws me off is the 1T. I haven't seen anything remotely close to this in any of the charts so I am thinking that it could possibly be a state issued identification number. The title is from 1986 and I found a registration in the truck from 1988 with the same number on it.

Anyone with some insight on this? The cab has the round speedo with the rectangular gauges underneath suggesting 53, the cab has a small rear window also suggesting 53, has a 226 suggesting 54 or later, and grill has the fresh air intake suggesting 58 or later, but has 5 horizontal trim bars suggesting 53. Who really knows after all these are 50 +/- year old trucks.

Anyway that is enough rambling on from me for now.

Welcome to the forum Devin...

I might add that my deadline to have the truck on the road is October of this year!! I am getting married and my Fiancee wants to drive away in the truck instead of a limo, I would say this makes her a keeper!!
Hi Devin,
Welcome to the forum from a keep it original if you can guy. It is probably long gone, or I think you would have seen it already, but check for a data plate on the seat riser just inside the drivers door.

Good luck with your resto and keep us posted.
splinterguy said:
Hi Devin,
Welcome to the forum from a keep it original if you can guy. It is probably long gone, or I think you would have seen it already, but check for a data plate on the seat riser just inside the drivers door.

The screw holes are on the top corner of the firewall where the plate should be, there is nothing around the riser on either side of the cab. It isn't the end of the world as long as I can register the truck without the DMV wanting to verify the identification number on the title to the one on the truck.
Good luck with the identification. My wagon had quite a mysterious true identity as well. With some help from Willys America, I was able to make some sense of it. It is very likely that either your truck has had some changes/repairs done to it over the years to confuse the year identification, or, probably equally as likely, Willys was mixing some parts when making your truck near a model refresh. They may have started putting some 54 parts on 53's because that is what they had. Willys seemed to do this kind of thing frequently enough. Hopefully you won't have any trouble titling it. I know Michigan wasn't too concerned about the accuracy of my VIN or year designation and never needed to look at the vehicle or verify the VIN.

Welcome to the sight. I also like to hear people saving original drivetrain if possible. Good luck. Let's see some pictures. Please. :thumbup:
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your wedding, she is a special girl to want a ride in your Will'ys. I found my serial number on the right front frame accident when I was sanding with 40 grit disc. perhaps you might find it stamped there as well.
Welcome and congrats on your up coming wedding. Got to love a lady that loves old classic american iron.

Welcome to the forums. There are blank serial number plates for sale from several of the forum sponsors, so if the state wants to do an inspection it is possible to get a blank plate and make it match the title.
Thank you everyone for the welcome messages. I have been lurking in the shadows for a while now and figured it was time that I introduced myself.

I am headed over to the Jeepsterman today so I will check with them about a blank data plate. Thanks for the suggestion.
Not sure sure where the title came from but I got one of those weird numbers as well. What I was told is depending on the state when the plates Disappear and they get retitled off a farm they assign new vins

Welcome to the forum and good find on the truck.
Finally got everything switched over to the home computer so I can update everyone with PICS,YAY!!!!!!!!! I will be updating my gallery with progress pics soon.


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That's a fine looking truck! The last time I went to Morris's place, his daughter, I think, was giving him a hand stripping parts off a couple of vehicles. He did not seem to be getting around to good, maybe he was having a bad day. That was about three years ago. He has a lot of good stuff up there.
I'm sorry to report that Morris has passed on. His daughter has fully taken over the operation and has already been a big help for me. The shop is only a half hour away from me so it is nice to have a parts and knowledge source close by.
Welcome Devin,
nice plans you have made, you have our full support.

a question 4 u: I'm interested in the colour of your pickup, can you post some better images, I mean a close up or any classy daylight picture of the truck. I am thinking on choosing the proper color for my wagon and it seems a color similar to yours might come up as an option.
Thanks in advance,
The truck is in pieces right now so I can't take any good daylight pics of it, but here are some of a door in the sunlight and a fender. I hope this gives you a better idea of the color. If you still like it I will look on the extra paint that came in the truck and see if I can match up a color code for you.


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Thanx Devin, I am in two minds - whether to go with a blue or a green color :roll: Will consider the option similar to that of yours, thank you for the pics.