New 52 Owner in Flintville Tennessee


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Oct 16, 2009
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Hello! Found and looked at my first Willys yesterday and bought it today should get it home this weekend. It's a 1952 according to the PO. Has adapter for SBC and once had one installed, will be asking about this in the forum. I'm in Flintville Tennessee, just across the Alabama line. Looking forward to getting to know ya'll and learning about these unique vehicles. 52wagon
Come'n right back at ya...From Georgia....Congrats on your decision to purchase an opportunity... have fun.

Looks like the south east ish area is growing!

I like that " Congrats on the purchase of an opportunity"...I have to remember that. The last big company I worked for used that word somewhat in that context, challenge was another good one for them. The difference being that this time it should be fun and when they used it generally it was not.