Need Help found a weird intake manifold.


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Jun 15, 2010
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Got the 55 pickup home today and popped the hood. I looked real quick when I picked it up and it had a 1 barrel carb on it. No problem. So I strat looking at it more and it's a 1 barrel carb adapted to a 2 barrel intake. Got the one bareel adapter base and everything looks like my other 2 barrel intake except for this one is way taller. checked the parts manual and it only shows the one so I am stumped. It looks like it has 4 inches of height over my other. I am working on pictures as the wife killed both cameras and has to get them recharged. Any body seen a weird intake like this?
Can't wait to see pic's of it. I myself have never seen anything like you are describing.
ok pictures are below. the taller of the two has a 1 barrel adapter but is a 2 barrel. The taller one with the air cleaner is the one I have questions about. the one missing the carb is pretty much the one I have seen and looks like the picture in the parts manual. any body got info or input just trying to figure these out.


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That is odd, have never seen on like it. Maybe it's a manifold that came off a continental six that was in some of the larger fork lifts of the 1960's and early 1970's.
I understand that the pickups were available with a two-barrel carb (but perhaps this was from other users of the 6-226), and the manifold is different. I have seen a Willys pickup with the 6-226 and a two barrel carb (a 1956 if I recall correctly). If you want the advantages of the two-barrel carb, start looking around - I think it was also a Carter. Otherwise, check for a 1 barrel manifold and let me know if you want to sell your two-barrel manifold.
Best wishes.
I got both of these intakes. The one missing the carb in the picture has the carb sitting in a box on the shelf. I honestly just had never seen that version of the intake before. First time for me seeing one that had that rise on it like that. the one with the rise is off a 55. the other I am not sure about was part of a lot of parts I bought and not sure on the engine year of it. That engine is currently at the shop and getting my other edmunds intake put on it. still trying to figure out two good single barrel carbs for it.
If memory serves looks just like my manifold. I have stock 6-226 with stock two barrel. I think you've got a gem there


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Jeff, I believe worfdog is correct. I'm about 90% sure, the high rise manifolds were found on the industrial engines. I'm gonna find time to do some more checking, but you might want to do some measuring. If you put the correct 226 Carter Two bbl carb on that manifold, you could have two issues.
1. The linkage. It's probably gonna be at a wierd angle which could affect travel.
2. If you use the stock air cleaner, clearance might be an issue. A good way to check is to put a columm of soft clay on top of the air cleaner (when you're ready) and close the hood. When you open it, the clay will show you exactly how much clearance there is.