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Jul 13, 2010
Danville, Kentucky
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[attachment=3:t9rp92xq]62 wagon.jpg[/attachment:t9rp92xq]

This is my most recent purchase. It has a 283 in it, it was owned by the same family since it was new. The guy I got it from installed the 283 in 1984 and the original 226 sat in the corner of his garage since then. He threw it in with the deal. We have had it running but the brakes are bad and the motor mounts are a little shaky. I just picked up a set of Scout axles w/3.73 gears so we are going to put them under it along with power steering. Hopefully it will be running by next spring.

[attachment=2:t9rp92xq]59 wagon.jpg[/attachment:t9rp92xq]

I got this 59 wagon last year. I really wanted to build up something like I had in high school back in the '70s but didn't feel like it would be a good idea to modify something that survived as long as this one has. Its all original down to the rubber windshield washer pump. The odometer shows 59,000 miles and was last registered in 1977. It has been sitting in a garage in Denver with the engine all apart. The garage was falling down and I bought it from the guy who tore the building down. I have a good engine for it, we are working on getting it going now. I am having some trouble with the title but should be driving this one real soon.

[attachment=1:t9rp92xq]60 truck.jpg[/attachment:t9rp92xq]

1960 truck, I watched this sit in a guys back yard in Colorado Springs for a couple of years. One day I drove by and it was out front with a for sale sign on it. It needs some work to get it going again, he said he bought it at a superbowl party and drove it home. He took it apart to restore it and never had time to really do anything with it. Its got a 215 aluminum Olds engine and a original Warn overdrive. I have a 5 cyl mercedes turbo diesel engine, we are thinking about trying to put that in it but its way on the back burner. Good thing I have 20 acres to park stuff on.

[attachment=0:t9rp92xq]58 truck.jpg[/attachment:t9rp92xq]

This is a 58 truck, it donated its engine for the 59 wagon. I recently sold it for $500 because I felt guilty for buying the 62 wagon.

I might have another 62 wagon soon. It runs and drives and has a 302 Ford in it. The bad thing is its pretty rusty around the rear wheel wells and front floorboards. If I wind up with it, I am just going to try to sell it. Its kind of a rescue situation, I would hate to see it go for scrap metal but my neighbor down the road where its parked is moving soon and his buddy the owner moved away and left it behind. He has had no contact with him for quite some time.

We have been taking pictures and when there is some real progress to report, I will start a build thread. I am pretty motivated to get the 59 wagon going first. I have everything I need to fix it but we are heading into winter and there is no room in the garage to work inside. The other drawback is work gets slow in the winter for me and money gets a little tighter that normal. Right now I am working as much as possible so I don't have a lot of free time. I really enjoy reading everyones posts and getting new ideas, I haven't posted much but am happy to be a member here.


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That is about the size of my collection, but no 20 acres for parking. I am at two wagons and a truck, but the wagons are going to get turned into one wagon this winter. I only get about ten hours a week to work on it, so hopefully I can get it done this winter.

Keep us posted on your progress, we like build threads.
Hi Mark
I love those trucks / wagons you have. You are on the right site for those vehicles. These guys and gals on this site know their stuff and all seem to have the same passions as you. I am not sure how you caught it but we all seem to have Willys fever around here. I always wanted to be a farmer just never knew what kind of farmer to be....hey maybe a Willys farmer like you...:)Welcome aboard.

Mike C