My late 40's/Early 50's Willys


Knuckle Buster
Jun 1, 2016
First Name
Willys Model
  1. CJ
Willys Year:
  1. 1948
My family has a Willys - either late 40's or early 50's.

It's been in the garage for over 20 years.

My father left us when I was young - and he "cleverly" dismantled it right before he left.

The engine and transmission had also been professionally redone right before he left.

Parts and everything belonging to it sit in buckets inside - so step one was to clean it out and sort out the stuff inside.


Step two: check to see if the engine is seized.

Done: it's not - it turns.

Next still has oil.

So it's worth an overhaul.

My family has been involved with lots of painful stuff surrounding these related issues and I think my mom deserves to have this jeep to drive.

Because of the memories attached to it - eventually we will look to trade it for another jeep..I guess something more practical (she's always wanted a jeep).

We're not "made of money" so I'm trying to use what I have to fix it - so i'm hoping someone here can help me put pieces together... .

Please see the pictures - please ask questions.

Thank you.

I added letters next to the big picture of all the parts to help us communicate and identify things in the photos.

I'm new to the forum - I have lots of photos. I think I've hit my upload limit. I have an online galley with lots and lots of angles including pictures of the spare parts. Here is a link to more photos:
You have a nice start. Good luck. An important first question would be How much mechanical experience do you have? Tools? Time? How old are you? Any friends who are mechanics? Without offending anyone, friends who have little or no mechanical experience will be of little help except to move heavy items. You need to know more than your help does on this matter. Except, if a friend is a REAL mechanic. That will be a huge help. Do you have the title with matching numbers in the correct name?
You should first get a repair manual. An original or reprint for a CJ2A. Chilton books are worthless for what you probably need. Read everything you can about Jeeps first, you will learn a lot with that. Looks like your father had a lot of not original extras that he was planning on using maybe. Take things one at a time. and don't rush into things. Know your limits, and ASK QUESTIONS on this forum. There are a lot of experienced mechanics on this site who know Jeeps inside and out. And, whatever you do, don't try driving it without knowing your brakes will work.
howdy from ks. beyond following diggers advice i would put it back together the way it sits now. clean, fix, replace as needed. but the patina that is on the components and the body and whatnot will make it a very neat looking little jeep.

Thank you very much! Great advice. I'll be taking every bit of it. Hopefully with time....and luck...i'll get this figured out. Have a great one. -Josh