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Oct 12, 2009
San Francisco
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1953
I live in San Francisco. I am West Coast Willys club member #413 and have been on Willys Tech for years.

I have had my 1953 2WD wagon since sometime late in the 20th Century. I sold my '51 Chev 1/2 ton P.U. so I could take all the kids to soccer + volleyball games in something fitting. Now my kids are all away.

My wagon is pretty much modified to my preference - just a few things left to do. I have an even fire V-6 with Edelbrock/quadrajet, TH350 trans, Sanderson headers + exhaust, electronic ignition, Mustang front end (Fat Man) with big disc brakes + power steering (R+P) - Wheel Vintique rally wheels, Comanche M/C + booster, Ford (Maverick?) rear end, 3 point seat belts, tumbling rear seats and lots of stuff I can't think of right now.

Body is original, replaced passenger side floor last winter. I haven't done much with it in the past couple of years...too busy scraping up tuition payments. I hope to do more this winter if I can get the time.
Hey Mister Motorist,

Just checking in and seeing how you and your wagon are doing. Let me know if you need an extra hand; I am in San Francisco as well and there are others around too.


Scramboleer AKA Dan
Welcome from Colorado Mister Motorist. We all like pictures of your project's progress. Your Willys Sounds like a good foundation. Pivnic
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