My big blue willys


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Apr 27, 2010
19320, PA
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1962
Well I'm getting ready to sell my pickup truck to fund my willys, she has been off the road for a year now and I want to fix her up so I can driver just about any wear i want to.

Plans so far
Replace the tired olds 350 with a better and more reliable plods 350 out of a 74 cutless442

Upgrade the axles to wagoneer d44's and keep there stock gearing so my highway rpms are not as high driving at 55 and for the disk upgrade

Put the guts from at d18 in to d20 an switch over the twin stick

Upgrade the spring

Redo the cooling system with new radiator an good electric fan

Wireing upgrade i would like to put a fuze box in

Maybe power steering but not sure yet

Might do power breaks or at least a dual resivor upgrade

An overdrive if I can find one that dosnt break the bank lol

Fix the rust on the bottom of the tailgate mount so it will open nicely

Put on my new half quarter panel and hood

A trailer hitch

New tires! Nothing crazy maybe 31" or 33" nothing bigger

And add a 4 point harness to the passenger seat like i have in the drivers

How does that sounds guys? Anything you think i should do that I'm missing? I'm not going to get a tun of money for my ford but maybe a few thousand and want to do as many useful upgrades as i can :cheers:
sounds like you have your work cut out for you, whats the truck that you are selling?
Sounds great. Good to hear another Old Willys will be revived.

Show us some pictures if you've got them.
Here are some old pics from about 6 years






Mr.Wicked, welcome to the family of BLUE WILLYS'! (mine's got a similar color to yours!)
Btw, the last pic was g.r.e.a.t.!!! Post some more of your willys in similar surroundings!
thanks here are a few more pics
i will have to dig out some more pics from the dirts road i have more somwere





I will upload more soon, I love the snow one I have more to upload, the tires are futura dekota 31"x11.5r15 great street and off road I have then on my wrangler that I take off roaring an there great but not good in thick mudd
Those are some awsome, "wicked" pictures....I like action shots.
i picked up a set of scout 2 dana 44's on saturday and im getting ready to move the perchs and do a knuckle turn to set the corect caster on the front
Weep the rear axle is in and the front is ready to bolt down I just need to order some new ubolts for the front

And I found a new more older pic of her



just picked up my new motor its a 74 olds 350 out of a 442, im going to swap my performance intake and carb onto, also picked up 2 th400 trans for $150 one was just rebult

my front ubolts will hopefully be here tomorrow so i can finish the front axle install and then i can remove the motor and trans work on my powersteering and install the new motor and trans

I like big blue 442 engines! BEEF up that frame and hold on!!!!!
well the plan has changed lately it's time for me to get back out there and work on this I've been working on my Wrangler way too much

I got a mild cam to put in the olds 350 and I'm going to be treating my th400 4 A SM 465 with granny low first year and going to use an NP 208 transfer caseshould be a fun set up to drive
So I'm getting ready to rebuild the olds 350 and I'm going to keep and rebuild the th400 it's not easy to go to a manual with the olds motor, also I'm getting ready to move into a garage that I'm renting up the street so working on her will be much easier that working on the stones