Knuckle Buster
Feb 26, 2011
Roseville Ca
Willys Model
Willys Year:
Mswilys is a 1959 Willys wagon NOW.
I am a gold miner out of Sacramento CA. I needed something to get me back into the mountains,crossing streams,rough roads.
I found a 1959 Willys pickup out in a field. I stopped an asked to buy this Great Pickup.Drug it home and started working on her.
I will have photos soon.
Welcome to the club. I have a 53 wagon my wife gave me for fathers day. Just like kids, its a labor of love!
Welcome....nothing like keeping a mining and a Willy's.
Welcome.... I to enjoy gold mining and plan to us my wagon to explorer new areas when I get it on the road.

Wow, never seen anything like it. Looks cool.



That has to be one of the "Rarest Wagons", being a four door or someone did an excellent job extending her. How about some more pic's of the rear doors open and interior shots. She look's as if she will haul some gold too.
I got an idea, How about us showing up in Sac and you could lead us on a gold mining trip!