Modifing Doors to remove vent window for one peice


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Feb 18, 2011
Salton City, CA
Willys Model
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Any one out there ever loos the vent window and install a single pane of glass?
What is involved?
Any pictures?
ust thought it would be a cool mod but not sure if its beyond my budget and patience...........
You are a bit ahead of me and I plan on a one piece electric roll-up windows...when I get to that point I will post glass will be tinted all around except a sold window replacing that leaking slide side window.
Nah not to that point just yet, still searching for just the right donor to start the frame off, and dreaming ;) .
But the thought has crossed my mind if the donor has power windows why not try.
I love working on the willys but on mods like the windows i wish it was a chev and it was an over the counter kit.

So if your planing it how involved do you think? I know some of the old rigs I have had in the past the factory used the same channeling on the vent side of the door and it was a matter of stretching the piece that holds the glass in at the window actuator and getting longer fuzzies and window seals.

On the flip side i helped a buddy re-work a door on a rat rod that under the vent window it had solid metal and we had a rough spot piecing in channel from a perfectly good door (to much work on this particular project, i save that for the next wagon I want the four door :twisted: on a 70's suburban frame).

If I do beat you to the punch I post a few myself other wise I love to see how you do it and get a few ideas :thumbup: