Mileage, turning circle, dip stick. L6-226.


Bigger Hammer
Jan 29, 2011
Willys Model
Willys Year:
Took the truck out on its first large run. About 150 miles starting with a full tank of gas and ran out of gas! Admittedly motor was iding too fast but what does the tank hold and what sort of "economy" can one expect?
2. What is the turning circle of these beasts? Does not seem to be discussed anywhere.
3. The dip stick seems to be flopping about. Real possibility of it jumping right out and I've tied mine down. Don't remember this before. Pretty sure it used to go into place firmly. Still has the wider springy thing at the top. But should there be something at the top of the dipstick tube to compress it so that it stays firmly in place? Could this have been pushed down the dipstick tube into the sump or pulled out and fallen out on the ground when removing the dip stick?
4. When I try to tighten the three knobs on the heater control to the spindles with the hex key, they kink up and are not straight. What is the problem?
5. Need a heater core. Harrison 71L. Now that your winter is almost over, any good ones for sale?
Aussie John
John, I don't have all of your answers, but here's a couple.
Fuel capacity :?: I poured gallon by gallon in my wagon's tank years ago to confirm. It's a 13 gallon tank.
Economy :lol: That's a good one. While actual ads boast of 15mpg, I never got better than 12. Of course, time and wear would have something to do with that. At what point did you run out of fuel? I'm guessing at 120? ;)

I'm not sure what's holding the dipstick in place. It's been a while since i've looked. Can't help you with the rest either (mine wasn't built with a heater), but i'm sure somebody might have some info for you.
Re: turning circle: if you jack up the front axle, you will be able to see if the steering knuckles actually turn all the way to the 'stops' welded to the axle tube. If they do turn fully lock to lock, then just measure what your turning circle is (it will be big) and you have your answer.

Re: fuel economy: are your front hubs unlocked? Are you carrying 500 wombats in the back, with a 'fridge strapped to the top?
Are your brakes a bit too tight? If you are innocent on all the likely fuel economy sins that might decrease your economy, 12-15 mpg (Imperial gallon) isn't bad. Don't forget that a Willys wagon or truck is about as aerodynamic as a barn door, so keep your speed reasonable.
Check your thermostat - if it is missing or jammed open, causing the engine to run too cool, you might be losing a little economy there.
What is the colour of your plugs (she could be running slightly rich)? Mine are black from insufficient highway use but if you get enough highway miles, the plug electrodes should be that nice brown colour if your mixture is correct.

My guess is that a fuel injection upgrade would make a big difference but might be costly! I would really like to put FI on our Tornado OHC six...



Turning radius for a 6-226 4X4 Wagon or a 6-226 4WD truck = 25ft.

In all references:
4X4 = Wagon
4WD = Truck

2X4 = Wagon
2WD = Truck

Hope this helps a little bit.
Thanks Steve & Pavel for your information.
I worked it out from the map that I got 231 kilometres out of a full tank of super. That is 143 miles. That is a bit more than the 120 Pavel guesses but close. Is that all? The gas stations out here are further apart than that once one gets out of the cities. No wombats, nothing at all in the back, not even any tools or a jack. Silly (forgetful). Brakes don't bind, almost have to chock a wheel on a slope. Hubs are unlocked. Temperature gauge sits in the middle. Runs beautifully. After running out of gas, the empty tank took about 52 litres. Will have to google convertions to gallons but with US gallons and British gallons it is all beyond me. My club members are suggesting that I bolt on a jerry can holder to the opposite side of the spare wheel but I don't want it looking like a military/WW2 jeep. If I put (a) jerry can(s) inside the bed there are no tie down provisions unless I start drilling. Any suggestions?
I've run out of gas in a new (to me) car before and only last year helped out a friend (Qantas pilot) who ran out of gas nearby in his new 4WD.
I think one has to get used to the fuel consumption and the size of the tank on a new car. I am used to getting 600+ kms out of my Subaru with a 60(?) litre tank. Horses for courses.
I've ordered the overdrive but wasn't told at the time I had to pay for it first for them to make it so there has been a delay. But now I have the order number and should be here within a month. Be a big help as wife & I are going on a rally to Melbourne. It will increase top speed, reduce the revs and help with fuel consumption. It will still be a two day trip each way.
Trying to keep mine all original. Will check steering underside and spark plugs when I can.
I would like to add that the Willys brings a smile to the face of everyone that sees it. As does the sign in the back window "SLOW-sorry".
Aussie John
The small tank size coupled with the lower fuel economy is a bit of a pain. For the jerry cans I would utilize existing fasteners and build a bracket/ hold down around there location. I don't know if you have a welder but it would make short work of this task. If not it could be possible to bolt something together but would need to be suited to your application. Being closed knuckle the front steering is lacking. Good to hear your willys is motoring down the road and making others smile.