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Feb 6, 2010
Ann Arbor MI.
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  1. 1961
Hello all. Very happy to find this great forum dedicated to these classic vehicles. I have had my 61 Sedan Delivery 4x4 since 2003.

(I will try to get a gallery up soon). I purchased it off the side of the road up in the sticks of Northern Michigan near Petoskey. It was a 15 year old's farm toy and was very rough; remnants of numerous paint jobs, significant rust on the lower half with lots of homemade patches, i.e. fiberglass, bondo, sheet metal. Mechanically, the wagon was all there...."original" 226 and drivetrain and the sign in the window claimed it ran and drove. Problem was, the wagon couldn't be started due to a bad starter. There was also a very scary temporary fuel delivery setup consisting of a 1 gal plastic gas can wedged in the engine compartment with a rubber hose "secured" in the spout with duct tape hooked up to a non-oem electric fuel pump. The vehicle did seem mostly complete so I talked him down to $350.

Since then I have done some work to it to get it running and driving and never accomplished much so I have now accepted the fact that I need some professional help. It is now in the hands of a pro restorer in Ypsilanti Michigan for some extensive body repair. I will be starting a build thread soon. Would love to hear from some local Michigan Willy's owners. Thanks in advance for all the help I am sure to receive in the future.

:thumbup: Added build thread. Check here http://www.oldwillysforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=399&p=2693#p2693
Howdy! At $350- worth every penny! It will be great to watch your progress. Meanwhile, my '49 has to wait for a govt. stimulus package for professional resto.

For a '61, I was surprised to see early rear side panels (w/ round wheel opening) - does anybody know, did deliverys keep those that late or did something else happen to this one?
Welcome aboard Nick. Looking forward to your build thread and progress updates-

rbond, from what I understand, all sedan deliveries, all years, had the round rear wheel wells. This will complicate the resto a bit as the replacement quarters are only available with flat top openings. Body guy is going to have to modify them to keep the original look. This will be fun.
Thanks - I did go research and found out re: rounded panels... was just coming back to answer my own question...

I know the round 'early' panels are available (my '49 sw needs at least one). I'm a Walcks fan back east here in PA, I know he has them but haven't priced or checked lately.

Looking forward to watching your resto -
rbond said:
I'm a Walcks fan back east here in PA, I know he has them but haven't priced or checked lately.

Working out Merchant details with Walcks now, forum members will get a discount on everything they stock... Stay tuned :thumbupleft:

Walcks used to have the round wheel well quarters but no longer. I called every Willys parts source I could find and no luck. To maintain the correct look, I will have to have flat top quarters altered.
Funny......finding yours in Petoskey. That's a ways from Ann Arbor. Just yesterday, I bought a 61' wagon off e-bay and traced it's origin to a barn find in Pentwater. Having it trucked to my home in Texas in the next day or so. 40 years ago, I drove at Mac's dune scooters over in Hart, Mi. for a summer job, and originally grew up there. Good luck with your project. I haven't even seen mine yet!
We have a summer place on Crooked Lake up in Petoskey. It spent the first few months of my ownership in a garage up there while I got it running, then I towed it back to Ann Arbor. Crazy thing was, when hunting down a few parts up in Petoskey, a local auto parts store had coolant hoses and fan belts for it in stock. Crazy.
Love the look of the panels. Pity they were never sold here in Oz.
Look forward to your build photos.
Now that is one cool looking truck. There is a guy in town that is running around with a twin except it is on a Chevy S10 frame. Havent been able to talk to him tho. They are a very cool truck. Classic lines for sure. Welcome aboard, these guys are awesome on here. :)
South Boardman here just South of Kalkaska Michigan. Look forward to your rebuild threads.