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Feb 27, 2011
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I knew in my vast magazine collection there was an article on the Maverick Special. So today as the snow was falling I dug through a huge pile of 'This Old Truck' and 'Vintage Truck' issues. Sure enough at the very bottom of the pile was the Oct. 2006 issue with a Mav on the cover. There's a nice feature on the cover truck, a 1962 model and an article on what sets the Mavericks apart. According to the article, 1961 was the first year for the rocket type trim, which had an accent color painted in it. It states that the special models had a serial number which has a prefix of 581 and the fourth digit shows the number of cylinders. My serial number is 54178 13103, which would make my wagon a 7 cylinder. Kind of blows that theory out of the water unless there is a cylinder on the engine I can't see. Nowhere does it indicate the Mav being offered as a 4X4. Due to copyright issues I don't want to scan the article itself.
Being that the article was written in the '60's, the seventh cylinder was the bong being held by the passenger. Did it say anything on production numbers? And you said... " snowing"....woooo baby it's cold outside, I can't imagine snow and the depression it would bring me....x-Minnesotan, now in Georgia. Good Digging thru you archives!
Pete...perhaps we should have a history section....years, production, serial numbers etc. The Maverick was the bomb!
Try looking here at a "Hemmings Classic Car" article that you may enjoy. ... ture5.html

Also, "Hemmings Classic Car" did a feature on the history of the Maverick Special in their January 2008 Volume 4 Issue 4. I couldn't find a link to it on the internet, but if you check their site you may still be able to get a back issue. I'm saving mine in my Willys file. I don't have a scanner so I'm no help there.

Happy Reading,
Old Willy
Old Willy, thanks a million...that information is priceless for us Wagon nuts. Ask and I anyone have info on Pick-Ups?
Here's a direct link to the Hemmings article:
Thanks for the info. guys. The wagon in the Hemmings is the same one that is in Vintage Truck. So, my wagon being a 541 prefix is not a Maverick. Maybe whoever ordered it paid to have the trim put on. Very Interesting. In the end I have a cool old wagon that is lots of fun to work on and drive.

According to the "Standard Catalog of 4X4's" by Robert C Ackerson the fourth digit 7 in 1962 meant that the vehicle had the new Tornado OHC 6. Since they still offered the L-226 that year it looks like they had to come up with a new number other that 6. If yours has the OHC 6 it would confirm this or perhaps mean that you now have a different engine.

Hey Mike,

Glad to see that you made it to the forum. There are a lot of great people here with a lot of experience and information that are always willing to share. I've done a little research for you and I believe that your VIN# shows that your rig is a 1962 4x4 Utility Wagon with a OHC 6-220. "581" is the designator for the Maverick models. Here is a great site that list VIN# for all Willys.

Also I show that the Mavericks all were 2wheel drive and were produced from 1958 thru 1964. The trim packages changed year to year. In the picture below is a 1958 Maverick with the "encircled arrow", 1958 only. Notice the double trim down the side and also a single trim just below the window line all the way around the wagon.


I hope this helps.