Making one a little more quiet


Bigger Hammer
Oct 11, 2009
Wenatchee, Washington
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Since my 59 is a daily driver I've been thinking about ways to make it a little more quiet on the road, I realize with all the gearing it will not be totally quiet but I'd like to make it better. The rubber body mounts are probably hard as rock and maybe some new ones would help, maybe some type of covering on the floor or under body? Anyone with experiance know of something that worked fairly well?
Curios to see what you find out. I was trying to think of things for that as well. I read on another forum where instead of Dynomat someone used duct insulation from Home Depot. It is a roll about 20' long x 1' wide, I think 1/8" thick rubbery foam type stuff with adhesive on one side and a foil backing on the other like the dynomat has. Cost about $20 a roll if I remember correct. I used it behind my door panels on another car and it did seem to quiet the door down and make it feel more solid. I also put it in the trunk but have not put the carpet over it yet. One problem I am finding with it is that the foil was seperating form the insulation. If I had put the carpet down sooner it probably would not have been an issue but I got stalled on it and it sat for about 6 months. I'll try to find out the name of it.
I was thinking of doing a few things like roof insulation since my headliner is out and under the floor/body type of sound deadening with something inside the doors and panels, maybe new frame to body mounts. I replaced the firewall insulation when I had the motor out and may try some tires that are not as "toothy" as what I'm running now.
Used Dynomat in a 61 Impala, doors and floors. Works great, quieted road noise quite a bit, but pretty spendy. Insulation may be helpful but best is material with mass/density is what's needed to deaden sound.
Chech eBay for best prices on Dynomat.
I bought an insulation kit from JC wHITNEY. It comes with a 4' x 6' foil backed sheet of insulation,spray foam adhesive and foil faced tape for covering the seams.
I did both doors and all the side panels of my 60 wagon. IT CAN BE MESSY. The stuff sticks to everything so you have to plan your cuts and how to start the application because you only get one shot to get to right.
I also put new window runners and felt in both doors along with the new insulation they really sound solid when closing.
Still have to do the firewall and floor but want to find different front bucket seats before moving on the floor.


I would like to get new front buckets too, preferably w/integrated seatbelts. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Midnightburns wagon. He has seats from a tahoe I think and it looks good, a little tight of a fit but it worked. His build is on Pirate 4x4 but he has posted on here as well. May be a link to his build in his post. His wagon is really nicely put together.

I would like to see what others have done about the seating situation......