Making Leaf Spring Mounts. Need Opinions!

Sparky Powers

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Jul 18, 2010
Las vegas, NV
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I need your opinions. I've been told that it's easy enough and safe to make your own leaf spring hangers. Im refering to the mount where the rigid part of the leaf spring mounts to and that bolts or weld to the frame. I was told that you start with 4 x 4 x 1/4 wall tubing that you cut to shape and size.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it safe? Do I need a certain type of steel?
Factory mounts are mild steel and are not real hard to make new ones. Are yours damaged or are you using different springs that you need to move them?
If your a halfway decent fabricator I wouldn't worry making you own, just mild steel is fine. But why go through all that trouble. There are a bunch of companies that sell premade ones that save a lot of time and hassle, plus they would probably look better in the end.

This is just one example: ... p?cPath=20
Thanks for the imput guys. I need new mounts because I'm using wider springs and they will need to be relocated too. I have the time and the material so I thought I might save myself a buck or two. Plus, Im just trying to keep myself busy.
Should not be real hard to make new. I would basically copy the original with a wider spread. The biggest issue I have seen with home made mounts is people using it as a method to lift the vehicle by making them taller and not making them stronger to stand up to the added leverage of the longer mount. If you live in a state with safety inspections make sure the welds and mounts look original or they may fail the registration over it.
I would buy them.... unless you lots of free time and no money. A friend of mine from college started this company, they did all the finish work on my jeep but they also sell everything for you to do it yourself! :thumbup:

at $16 a piece, I can't see it being worth your time to make one yourself. I have found that I can do this stuff on my own, but these guys always do it better!

You won't find anything that isn't bullet proof coming from these guys! ... /3165/3459