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Oct 19, 2009
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I have already installed Dana 44 (rebuilt) with a 700R4 ( I was told is rebuilt ) Tranny connected to a DANA 300 Twin Stck - Fuel Injected SB Chevy....I have come across a FREE '89 Grand Cherakee running gear ( all will have to be rebuilt)....staying with ALL Jeep-Willys Nostalgic....should I ??????
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This is confusing me.....what to do?


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One old guy's opinion. If you already did the mods you mentioned, are happy with your work and think it'll do what you want then why change? If those Jeep parts all need rebuilding then they aren't really free are they?

As for nostalgia---who cares? I personnally like my Wagon stock. The vibrations and sound from that old 4 banger, the whine of the gears in the trans and the thump when it goes into overdrive---that's nostalgia for me!!!

Some years back I had one of my cars at a restoration shop for body work and paint. The guy asked me if I wanted the frame and running gear detailed and painted too. I told him to just undercoat it 'cause if anybody was going to see the bottom of the car it would be upside down in a ditch and I probably wouldn't care what they thought!!!!

Good Luck,
Old Willy
If you already installed the drivetrain I would leave it. The jeep nostalgia can be easier to get over if you remember the vehicles were made by different companies that had both purchased the jeep name.
keep the set up you have. you already did the work, did the planning and it would be foolish to go backwards. besides the set up you have now is an easier parts setup if something fails.

my 2 cents
Stay with what you have but... if you have room and your Mrs. will overlook yet another example of male-madness, take the FREE Grand Cherokee and store it until your next project!
Thanks guys...and Pav great idea...perhaps strip it and sell parts to help pay for my addiction for Willys.