Low range lock out


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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
Willys Model
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I disassembled the transfercase and tranny on the 51 Wills truck to repair oil leaks and replace second gear synchro.I noticed the tranny can be shifted into low range without it be pulled into front drive first.Yup,the lock out pin is missing.There was no previous issues with the transfer case other than oil leaks and no lock out.
I suppose the lock out is to prevent using low range and overload in the rear drive,so it has to be in all wheel drive first,correct? I suppose on this 71 hp Willys it doesn't make any difference and it might be a feature being able to use low range without 4x4?
It seems to be a popular thing to remove the interlock pin so that two wheel low range is possible. Shouldn't be a problem with a high horsepower factory motor. If it bothers you I probably have one around somewhere.
Ditto on the lock out pill. I've had three vehicles and took it out on all three. I just think it's nice to hit low range in 2WD.
I'd like to take the interlock out of mine too. There's lots of times I'd like to crawl along in low but don't need 4wd.