Leaf Springs???

Eric B

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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Alright we had a sick house for me all weekend so the wagon didn't have any attention from me this weekend, but I got time to lay in bed and daydream about her.
My question is with the original leaf springs, I know they are going to need replaced, just looking at shorter term and getting by with what I have after replacing the bushings.
Any one have any exprerience getting springs re-arched???? good, bad, or otherwise????
Ok, let see springs on the ole girl. I have done one set on my 65 cj5, my willys truck is gonna need them soon. At my second job I work with a guy that is half owner of an old time leaf spring place. He gave me a scarey price to replace the front springs on my truck. I told him I wasnt gonna be able to swing that, so he came back with a new master leaf spring and rework (not quite sure what that means) and or replace(the broken) the rest of the front leafs for about half the price. I guess they can rework stuff that isnt that bad. My willys has never (as far i can see) seen a plow blade but the front springs are still not in good shape. I think it is simpler to replace the whole assembly but they (the spring shops) will rework the stuff you have. Good luck.
dozerjim said:
Eric,re-arching springs is a very temporary fix at best,you might have better luck just add a couple leafs to get by until you can get the ones you want,or get some cheap helper springs.. or air shocks....Jim
doze, I have heard same-same. I have always been told that if your springs are bad or worn out the best bet is new springs.

Springs are springs due tot he tempering process. A worn or bad spring has in fact lost some of its temper. While you can heat and re-temper you are still working with metal that internally has worn out its molecular bond so to speak. Anything you do is only a band-aid fix at that point. Plus very few places have the equipment or know-how to really temper the springs. They are re-arched and heated then left to cool which sets the new arch. That is just not going to last.

My suggestion is to pass and get new springs.
Alright I see the writing on the wall, get new springs.... Gotta do this build in stages, just a hard pill to swallow of 650.00 for complete suspension overhaul when there is more parts I can get with the 650.00 and do those after driving again.....

Carl Walck has 2 grades of new ones - foreign @ $110 ea, american @ 140(at least in my '09 price list)... I went american for the jeepster - being there and seeing them made the difference - US ones are well crafted, quality finish - foreign ones looked pretty rough in comparision.
Kaiser Willys Auto Supply has them for your rig:

They have both the 8 leaf and HD 10 leaf for the front @ $119/A612A and $124.99/926709A

THe rear: 11 leaf (truck) is $199, part # 919692

Call Mike at: 1 888 648 4923 or shoot him an e mail: mike@kaiserwillys.com

Tell him I said to call and he will cut you a deal...let me know
Thanks for the input, the spending spree starts next week, so right now in the final stages of planning on the what to buy this time around list.