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Jul 18, 2010
Las vegas, NV
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Hello everyone!!! It was nice to find a forum based on just Willys, as I am new to Willys and 4WD's. I purchased my first Willys this summer, a '56 Wagon 4WD and am so excited to start my build. I will be posting it soon and would greatly appreciate any comments or concerns. I am a cabinet maker by trade so doing metal work will be a learning curve for me.

Steve (Sparky)


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Welcome to the forum Sparky. I get down to Vegas a couple of times a year, be there for christmas this year. Be fun to check out your wagon...

That would be cool to have a real woody. Is it a southern Willys? Mine was suffering from severe Michigan rust rot so has been a major project. Looks like you have a decent starting point. Look forward to seeing your progress. Welcome.

That would be great if you could stop by. I would like to know more about my rig and having someone with Willys experience would give me a huge jump start.

Jnichols, Nuglio,

I have always loved the looks of a Woody, they just scream COOL!!! I'm going to stick to a project that is a little less intense of a build for my first build. My plans for my rig is a mild re-power trying to retain the stock look. I purchased a '79 Wagoneer Chief for my donor vehicle.

I found my Wagon on Craigslist for $500 outside of Flagstaff, AZ. The owner had your typical Willys grave yard and was liquidating her vehicles. She had the '56 wagon (re-powered), a '57 truck (re-powered), lots of misc parts and had just sold 6 flat fender M38(?). All had been sitting out in the Arizona sun for about 15 years.

My Wagon has the typical rusted out floor pans and lower tailgate rust. I do see a thin coat of Bondo all over the wagonwhere the paint has worn off, I use the word "thin" with hope. I hope that it's because someone tried to restore it earlier on in life and wanted the panels to be real smooth. I also have my eye on late '50's delivery that I'm trying to get my hands on. Im not the biggest fan of deliveries by I would like to rescue it.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress. I would appreciate any advice or criticism.

I hope you can rescue that Delivery. That's what I have and they are getting scarce. Good luck on the project.