Lands end catalog cover has a Willys Wagon

If only I had a nice wagon, I too could look that happy about Christmas... LOL

Maybe Santa will come through this year...

So, where is this Willys? All I can see at the LandsEnd site is a girl in purple clutching some guy....
nice ride! don't think that paint scheme is original . . . or is it? this reminds me of when I was a little kid and we'd take the wagon to the woods to cut our tree. . .


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Thanks Montanagirl. Now all I have to do is look more stylish (some hope!) as the people do in the cat cover.
yeh, we weren't that stylish either and back in the day (say '65) I think the photo would have been in black and white! and they didn't include the dog in the ad either! Who goes Christmas treeing in the wagon w/out the family dog??? :D At least in the photo it appears they have a cloth under the tree. . . in Montana we wouldn't have bothered DOH!
Yes, hadn't noticed the Xmas tree - which they are mounting backwards on top of the wagon - disgraceful and unaerodynamic! I was told the red/gold paint scheme is from the SF 49ers (football? - sorry, I don't know from sports) fame. As for the missing dog, you never know, it might be one of those new style 21st century city dogs (much fuzz but weighing 500 grams) - so it could be there but too low to the ground to be seen!
BTW, our '65 wagon, Bluebell, originally came from Montana - if you want, you can take her for a drive at:
Pavel, I did indeed take Bluebell for a drive. . .that is hillarious! I love the sound of the gears grinding. . . our wagon made that noise too! LOL!
If had a good chuckle, then we have achieved our goal! I'm sure you have learned the secret of putting your Willys in 1st gear grindlessly... You first "stab" second gear momentarily and then can select 1st without any complaint.
Re: Lands end catalog cover has a Willys Wagon UPDATE

Montanagirl said:
It's for sale . . . anyone on this forum?

Belongs to a guy named Boyd Smith. I don't think he is a member of the forum. I traded a few emails with him a month or so ago about the wagon. He had it listed on ebay but pulled the auction. The current auction is a re-list with more photos.

Looks pretty clean, but has rear quarter panel rust issues.