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Sep 21, 2009
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Hey all, just thought i'd pipe in with my disapointment. As some of you may recall, I complained of my engine going south on me a while back, and had the grand scheme in action. Pull the bad and acquire a used good running engine to install as a temp until I can come up with enough beer tokens to rebuild the other. Well, all has failed. I acquired that used "good running" engine, but had to have it shipped to me, so I never heard it run. Well, it's a boat anchor. My own fault, I know. Anyway, I pulled the head off and found the water jackets completely filled with crud, and what looks like one toasted valve. My hopes and dreams of driving the ol' willys to the fall willys reunion are now squashed. Ok, enough crying. For those of you who have been inquiring of hubs and hobs :D lately, check out the ad on willystech. 4 different styles for sale.
Sorry to hear. We do have a new member who just posted pics of his wagon and he says he rebuilt his engine...which looks GREAT. I would drop him a line and ask what he thinks...he just posted over in the new intro section... ;)
That SUCKS!!!!
I am sure there was some other words in there with that for you.

I actually just pulled the heads off my V8 last night and got a look inside.....
I saw 1 galley with some brown/rust colored coolant skin... right under the gasket... That was it. Everything else looked good except the carbon build up on the pistons. I had it running prior to tear down with really old gas and oil.....oops