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Jan 7, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
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Stopped off at DMV yesterday and registered my '55 Willy's. While there I asked what kind of plates did they have. The gal working there said they have some special plates for older rigs called 'Historical Plates. They are only $25 bucks and $10 a year to renew, the CHEAPEST plates in Arizona. Ok, I will take a set of those I said.

In a few moments she comes back with them and they are nice looking with red letters. Then she asks me if I know what they are made out of? NO! They are made out of SOLID COPPER from copper mines here in AZ. They must weigh a pound each and I have 2, even tho we do not need to run them on the front they give us one in case we want to.

SOLID COPPER now that is KOOL stuff. Pics soon.
Gojeep said:


Got to thinking that some folks might wonder and or ask...WHY copper? Arizona is called the "Copper State". We have some of the largest deposits of copper in the world here. I had no idea they were made of copper and just think that is really a neat thing.

Here is what I am gonna put on mine when ready to get it on the road.



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Savagesun...I want a set...you better lock yours on because I'll steal it!... Maybe my bro-in-law could get be a set....to hang on my wall....I like 'em!
Those tags are great. Makes me think about moving. I have always thought I might like to live in the southwest and now I have another reason.
Yes, they have a very heavy clear coat on them. They do get a bit darker it seems as I have seen these on lots of cars running around here and they look darker than mine.

And speaking of License plates...Here is my Europe (Great Britain) Plate... ;)


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I got this one for mine when it is ever done.


Closest I could get I'm afraid.
JBingham said:
I feel so cheated with the plates MN gives me.

Ya man... you should see what Utah has.... lame.... horseless carriage junk. :x


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You had better put pad locks on them, as someone will steal them for the copper!! They are very cool looking!!
go to arizonas dmv website and look up plates they do have some really cool ones and so many different ones its hard to make ones mind up of what to git :cheers:
The red one is what they issue us solely for a collector vehicle. So we can't drive on them everyday just like maybe once a week.The other one is the closest I can find to mine. Only one difference is mine has the DV on them as well between the purple heart and the number.


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