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Jun 26, 2010
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In previous posts I was looking for ideas on upgrading the split bench seats on my 48 Jeepster project. The orginal seats were uncomfortable and did not adjust so the Ms. was not pleased. After patiently watching CL I found what I was looking for, tan leather, but installing them was a real head scratcher. I measured, I leveled and I held my breath as I cut and drilled. The buckets out of a 97 T-bird were uneven at the corners so I took an idea from a hot rod buddy and cut up some 1lb rubber mallets to compensate for the difference. The seats look great, fit like they always belonged and completely change the driving experience for the better. I hope the Jeep gods approve.[attachment=3:3g5v615r]032 (2).jpg[/attachment:3g5v615r]


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Was there anything you could have done to the original seats to make them more comfortable?
Your ride looks sweet and the seats look like they should be there...all you need is a white cowboy hat and a big cigar while motoring...enjoy.
The seats look really nice. Especially the back seats. They look really comfy. I'm still not a fan of mods, but when done right, who can argue? :) Great job on the install. I also find it interesting that it sits on a 4WD frame. Was it like that when you bought it? I've seen several jeepsters on 4WD frames, but I know they were never manufactured that way. I always find it interesting. What really has my attention though, ... What's on the back?? It looks like an extended bumper, with a fuel tank sitting atop of it. Please; tell me it ain't so. :)